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LIFESTYLE (17 min)

Review (Spoiler Alert)

It starts like a highly polished advertisement of a luxury product. It could be anything. A shiny car that is being washed meticulously. A house with floor to ceiling high one-piece glass sliding glass doors. A modernist designer house. Perfect smiles and hence teeth. Happily married picture-perfect couple. It keeps you guessing where the storyline is leading. Read full review here.

SEAT 26D – Review

Review (Spoiler Alert)

When I walked into the screening I had no idea that SEAT 26D was an animated feature. I couldn’t understand why the director, Karolina Brobäck, has made the choice of using slower frame rate that made everything go in slow motion. Even the makeup looked like as if they were painted to look like mannequins. At one point I thought that was an active choice to portray Scandinavian, and in particular Swedes, as introverts and not easy approachable, with cold walls and barriers around them. But later I did figure out that it was an animation. Read full review…