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Interstellar is the new Inception

Before you throw your marbles and shout at me, hear me out. Interstellar is a fantastic ride of a movie, with Christopher Nolan at one of his showiest moment, that should please a wide range of audiences. Yes it’s slightly overbloated with 160 minutes running time, and yes there are too many space-travel and quantum physics mambo-jambo. But what it gets right is the human factor. Nolan, in past, has been known to focus too much on the craft and a little less on emotional aspect of the script. Here he ties the concepts that have bewildered humanity since it’s birth: Longevity (Ladies & Gents: 124 YEARS old DILF!), Life beyond our planet, and the ultimate question; what’s the purpose of this all. Does the film answer all of those questions? No, it doesn’t. And here is the thing. It doesn’t need to do that. Interstellar shouldn’t be confused for a thought-provoking attempt to answer these bigger-than-life-itself questions. Never, I believe, at any point Nolan & co. claimed to have gotten all the physics and the science right, to get the nerds and geeks onboard a la Gravity. No. It is, at it’s heart, a big sci-fi space blockbuster, that will make waves on ticket sales across the world. If I’ve not made it clear let me put it straight: I enjoyed, almost, every minute of those $20. Now, about that scandalous title: Interstellar Is The New Inception. Fans of Nolan’s Batman, trust. It is. Take a walk with me and let me show you how. Continue reading Interstellar is the new Inception