National competition 1 / Svensk Kortfilm 1

Total Duration: 90 min approx. Next screening: Thursday 10/23, 1900  at SLOTTS

Premiered yesterday, 20th of October, this collection represents Swedish filmmakers. The films are as varied and the characters as divert as the background of the minds behind the camera.

These films are competing for the Best Swedish Short title. You can vote for your favorite after the next screening at the theater.

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33rd Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2014

Few form and medium pop up to mind when one has to think about prejudice within fine arts. Be it literature or film making Short format has been overlooked time and time again in favor of long and  elaborate interpretations.  2013 Literature Nobel Prize win for Alice Munro was highly polarizing. Readers around the world on social media called the choice unfair and you can easily find comments calling Short Story form a byproduct of laziness on the author’s part. Continue reading 33rd Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2014

Too many Whats, Whys & Whos. So many judgements to pass!