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Uppsala French Film Festival 2015

Location: Slotts Bio Franska filmfestival 27th March – 29th March

Time to pack your picnic basket with a bottle of Merlot, some Camembert and baguette – or Riesling, Brie and crackers for those with sensitive palette – and head to the gardens of Uppsala Universitetsbiblioteket (University Library) for a trés French afternoon. Cliches aside, the annual Uppsala French Film Festival 2015 is here. And brings a strong collection of films. All films are subtitled in English. Continue reading Uppsala French Film Festival 2015

Lunch at Sherlock’s Monastery

Location: Klostergatan 16, Uppsala Recommendation: Dagens for lunch, Hamburgers for dinner

Lately Sherlock and his cher sidekick Watson have been having a moment in the pop-culture. Well, moment would be putting it mildly as it has been going on for half a decade now. Since the success of those big Hollywood movies, where Robert Downey Jr. let his inner Drag Queen out, and the sleeping hit TV series Sherlock, audience cannot have enough of this British dandy. So it’s understandable when new restaurants jump at the opportunity and try to cash in. Opened Spring 2014 Sherlock’s Monastery is a restaurant/pub combo that serves food with a bit of drama. There are elements of intrigue and suspense in simple dishes like Chilli con Carne or Fish n Chips that make Sherlock’s a welcome addition to Uppsala’s food circuit. Continue reading Lunch at Sherlock’s Monastery

Mysigt with Myrra

Where: Myrra, Uppsala What: Interior Design & Home Decoration

Mysigt, an overused word in Swedish language, losely translates to cozy. And be ready to hear it  more & more in daily conversation as we get closer to the darker and colder months of winter. If you are planning to add some decorative pieces to your living room, or getting Christmas present list sorted out, or just want a little bit of mysigt in your life? Right in front of St. Pers Galleria you’ll find a tastefully decorated, charming little store, Myrra. Here you can find a little bit of everything from home decoration essentials, to cutlery & crockery and spices to mustard. Read more.

Mad Art

Where: Mollbrinks Konst, Uppsala What: Man Men (TV show) inspired art collection
Swedish artist Mats Åkerman‘s latest art collection is featured at the Mollbrinks gallery Uppsala. Åkerman was inspired by critically acclaimed American TV series Mad Men and is a longtime fan of the show . Hence a more befitting title would have been Mad Art.
Mad Art whowillreadthishit
Brunette Betty Draper Francis gives an epic bitch face to the help

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