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Lunch at Sherlock’s Monastery

Location: Klostergatan 16, Uppsala Recommendation: Dagens for lunch, Hamburgers for dinner

Lately Sherlock and his cher sidekick Watson have been having a moment in the pop-culture. Well, moment would be putting it mildly as it has been going on for half a decade now. Since the success of those big Hollywood movies, where Robert Downey Jr. let his inner Drag Queen out, and the sleeping hit TV series Sherlock, audience cannot have enough of this British dandy. So it’s understandable when new restaurants jump at the opportunity and try to cash in. Opened Spring 2014 Sherlock’s Monastery is a restaurant/pub combo that serves food with a bit of drama. There are elements of intrigue and suspense in simple dishes like Chilli con Carne or Fish n Chips that make Sherlock’s a welcome addition to Uppsala’s food circuit. Continue reading Lunch at Sherlock’s Monastery

Sunday Treat: STEAK, Uppsala

Location: Rådhuset, Stora torget, Uppsala Recommendation: Räksmörgås / Shrimp sandwich

In the middle of Uppsala downtown at Rådhuset right next to the Swedish fast food joint, MAX, lies a little chic and rustic (though not overtly countryside, like Agave) restaurant called STEAK. On a Sunday that perfectly coincides with the monthly paycheck if the heart desire a little splurging then the heart shall be spoiled._1050663 Read more…

Uppsala’s New/Old Best (Kept Secret) Lunch Place

Location: 12 Drottninggatan, Uppsala Recommendation: Weekdays Lunch (Mon-Fri)

Restaurant with lunch service in Uppsala are dime a dozen and you can find anything you want. Literally, anything. You can find Kebab and Chicken Pineapple pizza along with a massive salad buffet and pig your skinny heart out, only under 90 SEK. Craving for Thai? But your colleagues/friend want to have Sushi?  Why, go to Amazing Thai. Don’t be fooled by the name, they have a smårgasbord of Asian food.

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