Uppsala’s New/Old Best (Kept Secret) Lunch Place

Location: 12 Drottninggatan, Uppsala Recommendation: Weekdays Lunch (Mon-Fri)

Restaurant with lunch service in Uppsala are dime a dozen and you can find anything you want. Literally, anything. You can find Kebab and Chicken Pineapple pizza along with a massive salad buffet and pig your skinny heart out, only under 90 SEK. Craving for Thai? But your colleagues/friend want to have Sushi?  Why, go to Amazing Thai. Don’t be fooled by the name, they have a smårgasbord of Asian food.


However, if you like to eat simple, delicious and affordable food, in a clean and crisp surroundings with excellent service, go no farther than escobar & kök (Esco Bar & Restaurant). The restaurant/bar combo has been around for a while and they have just renovated the entire place and gave it a refreshing uplift.

escobar_menuRecently renovated Escobar offers three different dishes every week day for only 79 SEK. Along with the main dish is the standard lunch add-on: a soda, salad bar, bread & butter and cookies & coffee.



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