33rd Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2014

Few form and medium pop up to mind when one has to think about prejudice within fine arts. Be it literature or film making Short format has been overlooked time and time again in favor of long and  elaborate interpretations.  2013 Literature Nobel Prize win for Alice Munro was highly polarizing. Readers around the world on social media called the choice unfair and you can easily find comments calling Short Story form a byproduct of laziness on the author’s part.


Short Stories and Short Films require a special delicate yet firm hand, with clear ideas and conviction about what is going to be delivered to the audience. One cannot expect Scorsese to deliver The Wolf of Wall Street in 30 minutes or less, or Peter Jackson to water down Lord of the Rings trilogy under an hour. Some artist shine when no boundaries are in sight, while few gleam in restraint. We should all try to open ourselves to look past the 15 minutes or 10 pages length and duration, and immerse ourselves into what’s being told on the pages or the silver screen.


If you are visiting Uppsala, or have just started your new student year, or happen to have some or loads of leisurely time available at your hands then why not let your creative juices flow and feast your eyes with the finest collection of short films, expertly selected just for your eyes. Yes, it is time again for the yearly Uppsala International Short Film Festival.


I plan to watch every single movie, at least once, in this year’s program and post short/long reviews (depending on how much the film gives me to write about).

The films are grouped into different packages, such as National Competition 1/2/3, Love Beyond The Norm, Sex x Kärlek to mention a few, and every packages will be screened three times over the entire festival. Each package has about 5-7 movies that add up to about 90+ minutes, with Q&A with the filmmakers if in the audience.

What: 33rd Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2014

When: 20th October – 26 October 2014

Where: Slottsbiograffen, Grand, ReginaFyrisbiografen

Program: Film Packages

Cost: Per screening 80 SEK, Short Film Pass, Large Film Pass 400 SEK

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