Sunday Treat: STEAK, Uppsala

Location: Rådhuset, Stora torget, Uppsala Recommendation: Räksmörgås / Shrimp sandwich

In the middle of Uppsala downtown at Rådhuset right next to the Swedish fast food joint, MAX, lies a little chic and rustic (though not overtly countryside, like Agave) restaurant called STEAK. On a Sunday that perfectly coincides with the monthly paycheck if the heart desire a little splurging then the heart shall be spoiled._1050663

It has been part of the food scene in Uppsala for quite a while and have a reliable reputation for serving traditional Swedish food. What makes this place better than others? If the quality of food is not of importance and culinary satisfaction is not at hunt, then you might appreciate something that most old & new restaurants, at least in Sweden, struggle with: an excellent service with a dash of smile.

_1050694We ordered a couple of Räksmörgås, a humble Swedish shrimp sandwich. The dish was perfect, save one little detail. The shrimps were fresh and the mayonnaise would have made Julia Child shed tears of joyHowever next time I’ll ask for a thinner slice of bread, which was freshly baked & scrumptious, and would also ask for it to be a little bit more toasted. The grilled bread gets soggy after only a little while, which some people do like, with all the moisture from the stuffing. Despite this little complaint, on every other level, it was an utterly satisfying delight.



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